Terms & Conditions

The Plumbing has been in business since 1978


  1. The company will contact the client within 30 minutes of complain launching to ensure the solution.
  2. The company representative will have to show the card to pursue the goodwill gesture.
  3. The products which are under warranty are not recommended for our repairing, but if the client insists for repairing, the company will not be responsible for warranty void or such.
  4. ASAP Repairing is an independent company neither merged or collaborated, Asap Repairing will charge its services as per the complaint.
  5. Job card must be undertaking and sign by the client before start of any diagnosis or repairing.
  6. Visit charges are compulsory and applied from Rs. 300 to 500 or plus according to the client’s distance.
  7. In case of not proceeding to further repairing, the tracing/ diagnosing charges will be applied and the product will be packed back as it was in its condition.
  8. In case of proceeding towards repairing the product, the repairing charges will be from 150 AED – to 200 AED- or more depending on the repairing and will not be lower down after commitment.
  9. In case of proceeding towards repairing the product, the client must agrees the parts and approximate prices with pay 50% in advance and remaining on completion of job, either to buy on their own which will be mentioned on the job card.
  10. Company will responsible for the complaint and done repairing only, in case of any other technical or physical issue arises, the client will have to bare the separate service and parts charges.
  11. Company is only responsible for the complaint that are filled on job card, any other unregistered complaints are not legally valuable.
  12. The client must take care of its costly belonging such as mobile, wallet, laptops, electronics, or any handy costly items, so that company will not held responsible for any loss.
  13. The company representative will explain the product usages and guidelines for better handling.
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